About Us

We are world class technology experts with over 23 years of experience in the design, development, manufacture and support of POS systems, tablets and kiosks to deliver better customer engagement

 Global Strength

Headquartered in Taiwan, FEC has subsidiary offices across USA, Europe (UK, France, Germany, Benelux, Spain, Italy), Japan, China and Korea delivering local support to our extensive network of local partners, so our users can enjoy an outstanding level of customer service

Offices across USA, Europe, Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan

Years of experience in POS and customer engagement technologies

Thousand systems installed worldwide and counting

Industry experts employed globally

Our Approach

FEC is passionate about delivering best of breed POS systems and customer engagement technologies to our customers.

 We are proud to employ a team of experienced POS experts with deep knowledge of POS R&D and manufacturing processes.  As an original manufacturer, FEC can offer off-the shelf and customised POS systems, delivering aesthetic design, excellent quality, high reliability, and personalised touches to suit our customers’ exact requirements.

Customer Focus

Our customer centric approach means we create systems that complement our customers operating environments, are easy-to-use by staff, easy to deploy and support by IT teams, and easy-to-service, even by non-technical staff.

Forward Thinking

When we launch a new system, we ensure we deliver a full suite of accessories including a MSR, fingerprint reader, iButton, RFID reader, customer displays, second screen (8”,10 and 15”) and various mounting options.


We develop POS systems using state-of-the-art technologies and our modular approach enables us to create a family of systems with a common look and feel, as well as an inherent compatibility between our systems

Design Led

Designing elegant, compact, visually appealing, high quality POS systems, which just work reliably, day-in day out is a strength we have specifically developed over two decades because our customers have demanded it.

 Our customer centric philosophy combined with our modular product design and flexible in-house manufacturing capabilities, allows us to quickly create and deliver products which precisely match market requirements, moving from an initial idea to a prototype and then to manufacturing the final system.

 The ethos of FEC’s design teams is simple; to make a product that complements our customers’ brand and operating environments, whilst fulfilling the need to be easy-to-use by store staff: easy-to-deploy and support; easy-to-service and upgrade.  Long term availability and consistency of supply is an area often over looked; but working alongside Intel to select specific chipsets helps ensure the extended life-cycle of each FEC product.

 All this means that FEC products enable our customers to achieve the highest user satisfaction, the best customer service with minimal downtime and a very low cost of ownership.

Trusted Globally

Passionate about delivering POS systems using state-of -the-art technologies, we are proud to enable the world’s leading brands to enhance their customer service with quicker transactions, better interactions, engagements and experiences, resulting in increased sales, operational efficiency, profitability and customer loyalty

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Our technology experts bring decades of experience within POS technology, retailing and hospitality. We therefore know a thing or two about the challenges you could face when choosing the right technology to match your business needs and precious budgets

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